Answer of your leaving message
After a firmware update the camera offline. I try to reset and reinstall but I receive after QR code error from camera (- 1200).

2018-01-15 19:21:18****************************************
Now the camera does not responses to hardware reset. No beep, no auto motor calibration.
Blue led is solid on. Green light is off.
I think the problem is in the firmware ? But I do not know !

by sousa barros

Dear Sousa, thank you for the mail. It is difficult to judge what is going on for now.

1. The the camera responses to hardware reset ? ( beep->auto motor
calibration->blue led blinking )
2. The camera read the QR code on the mobile screen which connects
to the same wifi first ? ( a beep )
3. But, a error code 1200 'always' comes causing installation
failure ?

Thank you

Dear Sousa,
For Patio, if :
Exchange the AC adapter to try and not helpful. Camera does not response to hardware reset. It may have internet component defective which requires a repair. Thank you for kind understanding.