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Dear Sirs
I have just purchased one icam360 and one std icam.

1) I have installed a 16gb card in the icam360 but I want to upgrade it to a new 64gb micro sd card and keep the same admin settings.
2) I then want to put the 16gb card into the std icam with fresh settings
How do I do these things

PS Brilliant camera and software!

2018-01-16 07:48:45****************************************
Many thanks for your answer. What would be the disadvantage of using a 64gb card as I already have one.

by Clive Rahn

Dear Clive, thank you for the mail.
For card exchange, you can do it directly, no impact to any settings.
One suggestion: you may apply PC to do the FAT32 complete format on the SD cards to keep it readable and clean.
16/32G is suggested instead of 64/128.

Thank you