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All of a sudden, the camera does no longer upload any video to my NAS. The videos seem to be recorded on the SD card, the used capacity there is increasing. I tried to reformat it anyway but with no success,
When entering the permissions for the NAS, I can see the connected user and I see that it tries to create the cameras directory and it tests accessing the file .amaryllo.test which are both successful.

After that, the user stays connected (as with my other camera, which still works perfectly) but no videos show up on the NAS volume.

How can I fix that?

2018-01-18 06:22:42****************************************
1. I reformatted the SD card on a PC which did not detect any problems.
2. I did a full reset of the camera
3. I tried Google Cloud upload
The camera does not upload anything, it just connects (to Google and NAS) and creates the folder for the videos.
After that, nothing else happens. I get notifications for power off or admin access but NOT for movement detection - even when the free space on the SD gets smaller when movement happens. I can also hear the "click" when the infrared LEDs turn on or off.

How can I get the camera back to work?

2018-01-20 14:09:01****************************************
The rebuilt the firmware but without success. After the firmware was in place again, everything went back to the state before. The camera writes its directory for videos on the NAS (or Google Drive) but no videos get uploaded.
Is it possible, that this has something to do with the Plan I am on?

I tried to move from basic to Smart Plan and now my account shows I have been billed two times somehow (Receipt 1516455746 and 1516456715).

It's quite frustrating that the camera does not show any kind of useful information why it's not uploading anything. The videos are on the SD card btw.

How do I get my money back for the 2 subscriptions for the same AMI and how can I get the upload functionality back?

by Harry Brückner

Dear Harry, thank you for contacting. Frankly, we do not know the trouble shooting for NAS much. Few hints for you:

1. Exchange a SD card to try again
2. Apply Google cloud to try the uploading function (cross check)
3. If cloud drive works, then, we need to double check the NAS
all settings again

At last, if all above not helpful, try hardware reset and reinstall this camera to try. Thank you.


Besides changing a SD card to try first.
(PS. uploading needs 20~30 minutes)

The last thing we could try is rewrite the firmware manually:

A. Pease must use this tool to format the SD card on PC

B. Rebuild the firmware from the external SD card :
This is a manual re-build firmware procedure for your reference
(recovery and cure rate is more than 90% )
Download file [PC]
- Uncompress/unzip it to ROOT directory of a MicroSD card [PC->SD]
- Insert the card to the camera
- Plug power cord of it. CAM will auto detect the codes in the
Card to do the update ( blue light is on )

D. Auto motor calibration/rotation (About 40~50 seconds)
- Wait till front blue led is blinking. (About 2-3 minutes)
- Unplug power cord
- Take card out.
- Plug power cord again and the blue led will keep blink ( waiting for installation )

Installation: / If you are successful, please erase the card for normal use.

PS – this is what you see during the process
Insert the card with unzipped files
Plug in power
Short beep ( camera detect and read the files ) in 5 seconds
After about 40 seconds
Two short beeps ( writing complete )
Blue and Green lights blinking – done ( wrote in )
Unplug the power
Remove the SD and erase it

1. Please try the "Timeline" in the mobile live view to ensure the SD card
is really recording.
2. Also, please prepare another SD card to cross-check.

Thank you