Answer of your leaving message
I use Google Drive to store the recordings on one camera and it works perfect. The above that I pay $9.99 per month does not allow me to view any videos, even on google drive. I would like to make the above work perfect like my other camera.

2018-01-18 17:00:25****************************************
I will send the screen shots. The recording section says Amaryllo Cloud. There is no option to select Google Drive. When I go to Google Drive and checked shared with me, only one of my cameras videos appear, the other folder is empty.

by Mark Matovina

Dear Mark, thank you for contacting. While we are checking the subscription status,

1. May you share with us know or screenshot what the item status in Amaryllo app, the page/section "Recording"? (
2. When you click the Service in App sliding toolbar (the cloud access icon), what is the result you get ?
3. For Amaryllo cloud, please kindly check the 'shared with me'
folder in the Google drive, you may find all videos there.
Thank you