Answer of your leaving message
I can’t upload video clips to Google drive anymore, only to Amaryllo cloud. Can You please help to fix this so I can use Google drive Again?

2018-01-19 10:58:05****************************************

I can’t select Google drive, the option is gone from the menu. Could you disable Amaryllo cloud for me? I’ll send you screenshots from the app to above e-mail adress.


by Anders Laxén

Dear Anders, thank you for contacting. Would you please share some screenshots for the app setting difference to enlighten us more? Any option missing, or change ? Thank you.

We have cancelled the subscription.

Dear Anders,

If you have subscribed the Amaryllo cloud service (silver, gold ....) the option of personal Google cloud will be disabled. (upload storage)
If you want to use personal Google drive storage, please cancel the Amaryllo cloud service by replying us an official email. Thank you.