Answer of your leaving message
Whilst I appreciate the motion following of the iCamPRO FHD camera there are times when I'd like to manually move the camera view to a different position but using the swipe of a finger to move a degree or two here and there can be a bit tedious if you want to move 90 degrees for example. Can you please look into offering us the ability to save camera preset positions in the same way as you let us set the HOME position. The preset number (say 1 to 4) should be a toggle switch which when activated moves the camera to the preset view but when de-activated it should revert to the stored HOME position. Hopefully this won't be too difficult to design into the firmware and it would make the camera a lot more user-friendly as a result. Many thanks. Trevor

by Trevor Pearson

Dear Trevor, thank you for kind inputs and sharing. We have shared this idea with development team for reference. The points are well taken. Sounds like it is a customization angle concept. (1~4)