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How can I set upload location to Google drive (folder: My disk) instead of Amaryllo cloud drive (folder: shared with me)? Need to sync video files to my computer instead of streaming. Not able to sync "shared with me" to local computer.

2018-01-25 13:40:19****************************************
Is that means I shouldn't of subscribe to Amaryllo cloud plans if I want to be able to sync video files to my local drive?

by Andrew Lin

Dear Andrew, thank you for the mail. After checking, the Silver plan was subscribed on Jan 17, 2017, which makes Amaryllo cloud is enabled. That is, the Google personal drive (My disk) is no longer an option in the APP setting. Please kindly advise what you like us to do further to help this matter. ("shared with me" is the place Amaryllo cloud shares the file index with you to access)

Here are some reference links for you. Hope it helps. Thank you