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I moved and was trying to connect to my new network and SSID. I am trying to factory reset and it doesn’t work. The device boots normally. If I hold the reset nothing happens, no flashing light, etc.

2018-01-29 14:04:05****************************************
No beep and no visual notification. Funny, it does boot normally though and cycle through the motor rotation and lights. I tried same pwrd & SSID and I can't see it. Is there and exchange option or anything?

2018-02-02 20:39:52****************************************
I am interested in a cost estimate for sure.

by Wayne Cochrane

Dear Wayne, thank you for contacting. Sounds no good. Does the reset button response with a beep ? If not, the camera may be defective then. There is another way to try is to change the SSID and password to very same as the previous one to see if the camera would connect. Thank you.

Dear Wayne, the warranty expired in Oct. 2016. If you are interested in a cross border and internal chargeable repair service, please let us know and we will start the procedure with you. Please kindly consider and justify it. Thank you

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