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There are no iCM or iSS numbers on my AR3 unit!!

Sticker AMID iCRb0bn7z, 08EA402063F0, ATOM AR3, ACR160BR31BKE26
S/N 7371D04173126401

How to allow multiple/many devices to access my AR3, note the online transfer administrative video does not apply to the AR3, I do not have a square with a plus sign in my App. Please provide detailed instructions. Your product is great! but your manuals and Tech support are lacking both detail and speed.

by Ben Rhoads

The Admin QR sharing method applies to all models.

To have the administration right (full access right same as the owner) on the 2nd and up mobile devices,

1.1 On the installed phone (1st), go to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Admin QR code, standby
1.2 Let the new mobile devices (2nd, 3rd ..... etc), download the Amaryllo app -> Amaryllo app -> 1st page right bottom -> Retrieve access from installed device -> into the camera preview like screen, standby
1.3 Let 1.2 screen to read 1.1 QR -> Done in 1 second

If you just like the 2nd or other mobile devices can do live view only- nothing else, no alerts, no right to access setting,
1.1 change to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Viewer list -> Add -> app -> QR code
1.2 and 1.3 remain the same procedures