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One of my cameras has developed a fault whereby it switches off motion detection by itself for some reason. Cannot understand why this might be happening as there is no schedule set for it or anything else I can think of. Any suggestions welcome?

2018-02-01 12:14:40****************************************
Thanks for the suggestions. After checking the camera I noticed there were a number of notifications being generated and sent to the SD card but as I selected not to send me notifications then no emails were being sent to me which is great. The next step is to stop any motion event being written to the SD card at all. I have turned off the front motion sensor but left the motion tracking and back motion sensors on because I still want the camera to pan/tilt when it detects movement. Will this stop the SD card being written to or do I need to turn something else off? Cheers

2018-02-04 05:18:41****************************************
After turning off the front motion sensor I no longer seem to get the event notifications and the motion tracking continues to work but you have to be careful not to brush the touchscreen accidentally as that'll turn it off instantly. The screen seems a bit slow to refresh sometimes but I believe that is down to the age of the tablet I'm using as when I use my mobile instead the camera images are more fluid. Thanks again for your help

by Trevor Pearson

Dear Trevor, thank you for contacting. Yes, it is too strange to understand it. Suggestions as below:
1. Pleas turn on Amaryllo app -> Setting -> system event notification,
all on. This way can remind us if any access or abnormal.
2. No, if sensor is defective, the common symptom is the camera send a
notification every minute non-stop, not auto off.
Therefore, if necessary, you may consider the hardware reset and reinstall. This makes all any authorization and sharing invalid, then, you may observe it again. Thank you.

1. Motion sensor is to detect change of temperature and difference of
images. Same for front and back sensors. This is the source of all
2. Even if you have the sensors on,
For Android, you can still select ' do not send me notification' in
Android Amaryllo app Setting.
For IPHONE, go to Iphone/IOS setting - > Notification -> Amaryllo ->
Turn off all items
3. Correct. If only motion tracking, no sensors on, there won't be any
4. SD card is for recording which is 24/7 every second recording. Also,
it is for the buffering to upload to the cloud drive as a backup
storage. It is managed by Amaryllo app -> Recording, not the
notificaiton or sensor.

Hope this helps