Answer of your leaving message
I want to add Atom Camera to NVR, But created URL is too long and I can not fit it in NVR URL text box.
I have the same problem with adding a camera to NUUO Surveillance software.
can you help me how to do this?

2018-02-05 11:58:33****************************************
actually, the main problem is the length of URL that Amaryllo Camera provides on RTSP. can you advise me how we can shorten that URL?

2018-02-07 10:56:47****************************************
it is very important to add cameras to NVR and CMS software. because their textbox character is limited and we can not add amaryllo in that systems.

by Farzad Milani

Dear Farzad, thank you for contacting. May you contact NUUO service and have them to advise ? We like to know and learn how we could improve, too. Thank you

No quick solution yet. Our R&D will study it for enhancement. Thank you