Answer of your leaving message

I am a nice « early bird » customer and I bought two cameras iCam Pro.

One of them seems to be out of order. The image is blurred (see pictures attached and fyi serial number of the équipement).

Can you please confirm the process for you to replace it under warranty and confirm you open a support ticket do this question.

Many thanks,

ISSAN Franck
11 avenue Le Nôtre - 92420 Vaucresson- France
Phone : +33 6 22 86 23 78
E-Mail :

by Franck ISSAN

Dear Franck, thank you for contacting.

While we are checking the warranty condition for iCRa0cs1l, may you please send the pictures again to for our checking and verification ? Thank you

Received. Sorry for previous reply confusion. We are checking it.