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The unit is not turning on. It was working previously but now seems dead. Nothing has changed and verified that I am using a powered light socket. Bascially exactly like the Q1262 answer on your support section. "Q1262. icamPRO FHD is not turning on, its dead no blue or green light, just off, i would like a replacement. I bought your product through 2016-07-14 04:38:26**************************************** I actually change the cable, try different AC outlets in my house, also changed the power supplier that comes with it and nothing seems to work. You are absolutely right the device was on, connected to my wifi and it suddenly shut down, after that ,as I said the blue and green light were off like if there was no AC power , I tried all I already explained you and nothing worked. " Please advise.

2018-02-07 06:15:11****************************************
Thank you for the reply. The blue light is now on. I tried a hard reset but it never reset nor did I hear a beep as seen in the youtube reset instructions. I appreciate any assistance you may be able to provide.

by David East

Dear David, thank you for the mail.

1. Is the blue light still on?
2. You may connect a 5V2A USB cable directly to test it to isolate
if it is a hardware matter.
3. Does the hardware reset help?

Thank you

Please try to rebuild the firmware once to try. Also, apply another AC 5V2B and USB to connect it directly to try.

1. Please check/exchange AC and USB cable to cross check first.
2. ** Please check/format the SD health by this tool /

Rebuild the firmware from the external SD card :
A. This is a manual re-build firmware procedure for your reference (recovery and cure rate is more than 90% )

B. Download file : [ to PC ]
- Uncompress/unzip it to root directory of a MicroSD card [PC->SD]
- Insert the card to the camera
- Plug power cord of it. CAM will auto detect the codes in the
Card to do the update ( blue light is on )
D. Auto motor calibration/rotation (About 40~50 seconds)
- Wait till front blue led is blinking. (About 2-3 minutes)
- Unplug power cord
- Take card out.
- Plug power cord again and the blue led will keep blink ( waiting for installation )

Installation: / If you are successful, please erase the card for normal use.

PS – this is what you see during the process
Insert the card with unzipped files
Plug in power Short beep ( camera detect and read the files ) in 5 seconds
After about 40 seconds Two short beeps ( writing complete )
Blue and Green lights blinking – done ( wrote in )
Unplug the power
Remove the SD and erase it