Answer of your leaving message
To whom it may concern:
My device is already joined free silver plan but I still can not use "remote micro SD access" this function?

Best regard, Dylan
請問一下, 我已經加入免費的silver plan了, 但裡面有一個功能" 可遠端存取micro SD" 不知如何使用?
麻煩教導一下, 謝謝

by Dylan

Dear Dylan, thank you for contacting. Hope this clarifies:

- "The remote access Micro SD", is a feature in the Amaryllo app.
When you do the mobile live view, you can see an option called
'Timeline'. This is the icon you can access the videos recorded
every second in the SD. It is different storage with the cloud
drive location.
- For cloud drive, it is a backup storage for video clips
uploaded from the camera's SD, either by continuous or event

Thank you