Answer of your leaving message
I get the message "Failed to connect to server" when trying to view live feed for all of my cameras. I can connect and set settings, but not see live feed.

by Doug Riley

Dear Doug, thank you for contacting. As long as you can access the Setting, it means the connection between APP and camera is good. For the live view error message, it should be a temporary internet symptom. Let us know if it continues. If you know how to do the PC web live view, you may try to PC to see if the PC live works. Thank you.

You can use Firefox or Chrome to do the web live view. Please reference below video.

A. In Amaryllo App – under MISCELLANEOUS – Viewers list -> + -> Name the viewer name -> Select Browser (Multiple) -> AMID/Passcode generated
-> get the AMID/Passcode

B. Go to
Add a camera (left) -> input AMID and Passcode -> Done ( this page can be added up to 7 cameras, FYI )