Answer of your leaving message
My camera says the back latch is locked upon start up. I made sure that the back latch is unlocked, but still the message is coming. All sorts of motion has stopped today. Upon performing a remote panning using the mobile app, the camera is not moving. Motion tracking is not working. Go to home position is not working. Patrol mode isn't working. I checked the settings in the app and motor lock is turned to off. Please help fix the issue with the motor.


2018-02-20 15:46:47****************************************
Thanks. Option A and B has already been checked and ruled out. I will try option C. Can you help me with the instructions to perform hardware reset and re-install?
Thank you

by Arun Kunjuraman

Dear Arun, thank you for contacting.

It seems you have done all checking. However, the only possibilities for this no motor symptoms are 3 :
A. On camera, the back of camera, there is a hardware lock, please
ensure it is not locked.
B. In Amaryllo app, the motor lock option is not checked
C. Hardware problem. You may perform hardware reset and reinstall to
verify if it is recovered.
Thank you