Answer of your leaving message
I have used The Camera for 4 years now, and to my fully satisfaction.
I has just installed a new fiberbox, and the camera wil no accept the QR-codes for the new box, for getting on the wi-fi.
I use my Samsung fone .
What can be wrong? and of course I use the correct set up for restarting the camera.
Looking forward to have Your comment!
Kind regard
Hans Knudsen

2018-02-18 21:45:41****************************************
Thank You for the responce,
I have done everything acording to the manual, but still the camera wil not accept the QR-codes!
Ireally dont know why!
Kind regard
Hans Knudsen

by Hans Knudsen

Dear Hans, thank you for contacting.

1. Please ensure it is 2.4G wifi environment for the camera.
2. Does you mean you have done the hardware reset and install the
camera. But, the camera can read the QR with a beep; in the end, the
installation fails ? ( or camera does not read the QR anymore with
the blue led is on still after hard reset )

Thank you

Dear Hans, not much we could suggestion.
Any chance to install it not in this fiberbox environment to try ? Assuming the camera can read the QR with a beep, but failed installing in the end, correct ? Thank you