Answer of your leaving message
i have Bybi Cam, i installed it a few days ago,
but the night vision is not working!
can you walk me through trouble shooting it.
it's very important feature specially for kids at night.

2018-02-21 20:14:45****************************************
I tested the camera and this is what i came up with;
The Night Vision is ON, I don't mind black/white but there is no vision at all as the pictures below;
PS; the one on the right, is with the room door open.

Is my Camera Not working properly.
BTW I have ATOM AR2 and the night vision works perfectly.

2018-02-22 21:30:39****************************************
thanks for replying, and yes the night vision is On.
i tried turning it off and on again, also unplugging the camera and reconfigure it.
cleaned the lens as muxh as possible, nothing worked.
BTW when the room lights are on the camera is working perfectly and clearly.
only with the night vision it's completly NON visible!

2018-02-23 09:00:15****************************************
Thanks for replying,
Regarding the number of lights is 8 ( all of them ).
I have never disassembled it, and i only installed it a 10 days ago!
The night vision never worked for me so i thought my camera is not working properly.

by khaled

Dear Khaled, thank you for contacting.

1. The night vision option (on/off) is in the Amaryllo app Setting.
2. While doing the mobile live view, please use a cup or box to cover
the camera totally to check if the the function is working
3. Night vision means the camera turn the color video shooting to
black/white with the IR lights to enhance the pictures.

Let's know the status after testing. If you have video or pictures, please send us at
Thank you

It looks the night IR light is on, correct ? Please clean the lens as much as you can. Though we know the night vision capability of AR2 is better than iBabi; however, the vision should be clean, not blur like the picture shows.
If there is more demo picture or video, please share it to
Thank you

Mmmm.... see. Let me send another email through to share some samples with you. And, you may also share some, too for all darkness, few lights, some lights (night vision is still on).
1. How many IR lights are on when night vision is on ? Ensure they are
all on by len's angle.
2. Have you disassembled the camera before ?
3. How long have you used it? Does this happen recently and suddenly ?

Yes. Sounds/looks like. We assume the IR cut module may not function well. Hope you have seen the mail with sample reference pictures. Please use that mail to continue the communication and more pictures if helpful. Thank you. PS. Please let us know where you get this device in the mail (new or used).