Answer of your leaving message
The camera is connecting and disconecting every minute. I receive all notifications on my mobile but when I try to open the app and check the camera, it disconnects, when its connected again i open the app again to check and then it disconnects... It's very annoying and I can´t work with the cam. What can I do? It was working fine until now! What happened? The router is just 1,5m in front of the cam and all my devices are connected to the WIFI and they are working fine.

by David Montero

Dear David, thank you for contacting. Please follow the steps below to check it.

1. No same wifi SSID names in the environment.
2. Exchange a AC to cross check
3. If no solved, hardware reset and install as the last try.
After reset and reinstall, if the symptom continues, the camera may has internal component defective which a repair may be required. Thank you