Answer of your leaving message
I am trying to access my camera through web browser, but it's showing blank screen, i can view from my mobile though.
please help.
thank you

by Kamran Farooq

Dear Kamran, thank you for the mail.

You can use firefox (required) to do the web live view. Please reference below video.
Support the web live view (WebRTC)
Here are the steps for you:

A. In Amaryllo App – under MISCELLANEOUS – Viewers list -> + -> Name the viewer name -> Select Browser (Multiple) -> AMID/Passcode generated
[ View only, no administration right at all for both App and Browser users / multiple means different computer to log in / single means only one can access ]
-> get the AMID/Passcode

B. Go to
Add a camera -> input AMID and Passcode -> Done ( this page can be added up to 8 cameras, FYI )