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Device went offline yesterday, since then it does not react to anything. No lights, no connection, no movement. Network tools say the device is offline. Unplugging power, waiting, plugging in the power doesn't help. Is the device dead or can I try something else?

2018-03-13 20:40:56****************************************
The reset did the job.
I have several devices (tablets, phones) connected to this camera. Is there a way to reconnect without removing?
(and maybe not lose the settings)

by Leo Ridderikhoff

Dear Leo, thank you for contacting.

For offline symptom, please kindly check it as following :
Standard steps:
1. Cross-check the AC/USB cable to see if it causes this problem
2. Cross-check the SD card to see if it causes this problem
3. The upload speed in the camera environment must be > 1.5M
4. If above 2 does not help, please hardware reset the camera and reinstall it again


Thank you

To have the administration right (full access right same as the owner) on the 2nd and more mobile devices,

1.1 On the installed phone (1st), go to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Admin
QR code, standby
1.2 Let the new mobile devices (2nd, 3rd ..... etc), download the
Amaryllo app -> Amaryllo app -> 1st page right bottom
-> Retrieve access from installed device -> into the camera preview
like screen, standby
1.3 Let 1.2 screen to read 1.1 QR -> Done in 1 second