Answer of your leaving message
I have a few questions about your product before I purchase. I'm looking at the Atom, & I'll be running on Windows 10.
1. I don't have a compatible phone to download the app. It appears that device installation can be performed via browser, but only via Firefox. Can you please confirm
2. As I don't have a compatible phone, can EVERY single feature found in the phone app be replicated in the browser?
3. Can alerts be sent directly to the browser instead of the phone app?
4. When using NAS storage, can cloud services be excluded completely? I want to isolate all packets of information only to my local network
5. Is any type of information uploaded to the Amaryllo servers regardless of where storage is being saved to?
6. Can all communications from the device be isolated to my local network: ie: restrict all outgoing communications?

I look forward to hearing from you.


by Brad Hall

Dear Brad, thank you for the mail.
1. No. Then installation must be through mobile devices. Firefox is for
web live view purpose only.
2. No. As explained above.
3. No. Never a feature.
4. Yes, it is either way base. Yes, NAS is pure local network flow.
5. Yes. The whole notification/alert function.
6. No, as explained above. Only if the user does not need the
notification function. (this function requires Internet to
notification/recognition/detection server)

Hope this helps. Thank you