Answer of your leaving message
My icampro HD it’s continue desconeites and I have WiFi all time but the camera sometimes content and other more long time descontéis always sometimes if there are people on my house it’s contened
My questions it’s whaI need to do? I try to pay in your web page but it’s impoasible to pay. Please you tell me what I need to do? Thank you very much and best regards

by Ricardo

Dear Ricardo, thank you for waiting.

Also, please must do the speedtest for UPLOADING for the camera's installation location. ( if less than 2M, it happens like this all the time )

1. Exchange the AC and USB cable to try
2. Exchange the SD card to try
3. No wifi SSIDs are the same in the environment
4. Hardware reset and reinstall

We do need to narrow down the possible causes step by step to get a chance. Thank you