Answer of your leaving message
I am deeply disappointed and sad about the quality of customer services/support provided by your company.
I have filed a connection problem to your company many months ago and this problem occasionally alleviated, so it appears to be working sometimes but not yet fixed.
Until recently (a few weeks ago), the connection problem gets extremely worse again. This time, an officer Sonny ( is responsible for my complain. However, he/she has been unhelpful and rude, and very often she/he ignored my message, and she only replied me once after I sent multiple message to him/her. This indicate a very bad quality of customer support offered by your company.

On top of that, he/she has been suggesting unhelpful suggestion, which certainly originated from his/her own thought, but he/she did not address my question seriously. Apparently, this officer was not listening. Could you please send a qualified person and fix my connection problems asap? Since this problem has been prolonged by Sonny for quite a while.

Deeply disappointed customer

2018-03-22 04:05:08****************************************
I have already repeatedly told you guys that power supply is normal, why do you insist me to check the AC again? Do you think your customers are so stupid that cannot distinguish whether the power supply is functioning? Obviously your suggestions are only suitable for people who have no basic understanding of electronic devices. Checking power supply/rebooting are the most basic things to look at before claiming a problem. I am so shocked that you think it is a useful advice for most of the case.

I am so disappointed at your company service. What does a RMA return mean? Can I get a full refund?

2018-03-22 08:28:44****************************************
By saying warranty expired already, is that you are meaning your company has no responsibility to repair? If not, what do you mean?
My last reply to your unhelpful suggestion. It is so surprising to hear the electricity supply problem keeps all other part operating normally except wifi connection which requires only very small amount of power supply. Have anyone heard things like a cell phone/notebook has connection problem but all other part functioning normally because of battery problem. So fact tell the truth, do you have statistics about how many cameras are functioning normally except connection due to power supply problem? If yes, please state it.

2018-03-22 09:41:33****************************************
Thanks, but I am not interested in this censored statistics, that is excluding those need physical repair.
So you haven't answered my Q about the expiration of warranty. Please also indicate what are the steps for physical repair.

by Brian Ng

Good day. Per your request. This is the server log file provided by the engineer. As explained, it would not have the information why the disconnection often occurs. It just records the status and result.
2018/03/21 09:05 offline 2018/03/21 09:15 on-line
2018/03/21 09:24 offline 2018/03/21 09:24 online
2018/03/21 09:32 offline 2018/03/21 09:34 online
2018/03/21 10:16 offline 2018/03/21 10:21 online
2018/03/21 10:37 offline 2018/03/21 11:10 online
The same hardware trouble shooting steps offered are provided to more than hundreds customers, 70% are recovered by allocating the root cause as explained in couple replies already. Please search the forum here to see and check. Some of them are shared by the customers who solves it for a good will.
If no remote trouble shooting could be agreed and performed, and a RMA return is needed, please kindly contact us again. Thank you.

Good day. RMA is A return for a repair service. ... If a repair is justified and needed, please kindly let us know. The warranty expired in Sep of 2016.

Regarding to the power accessory, Simply to say : lower voltage or unstable electric current may boot and operate the device, but causing the disconnection as one of the possible reasons obviously. Thank you.

As shared previously, "the AC and SD applies 70% (50%/50%) root cause of the disconnection symptom if occurring" by customer good-will sharing and feedback. If it is the wifi board, main-board or connection cable defective, a physical repair and test is needed for the component replacement. It is not in the scope of remote trouble-shooting. Thank you

OK. Will send another mail to introduce the procedures and flow. Thank you.