Answer of your leaving message
Blue light come on, it never flashes, tired reset, nothing. It does not calibrate either.

2018-03-23 10:34:22****************************************
a chargeable fucking repair?!?!
the thing is brand new?

2018-03-26 18:55:41****************************************
The seller is Amaryllo via Indiegogo or kickstarter. Thre cameras, $600+ dollars and not a working fucking camera. You people are criminals

by Johnson

Dear Johnson, thank you for contacting. If the Patio does not response to the hardware reset (button), it means the camera is defective (internal component). A chargeable repair may be needed for your consideration and justification. Thank you


For your kind reference. The warranty expired in Aug of 2016 by shipping record. If any question or confusion, please contact the seller to verify and clarify. Thank you.

If the warranty duration data is not correct, please kindly let us know. Thank you.