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Dear Sir or Madam
Is iCamPRO FHD able to use microSDXC( over 64GB memory)?
Is iCamPRO FHD able to use microSDHC( 32GB memory)?

2018-03-29 00:56:00****************************************
Thank you for your quick response!!

by Takashi Iida

Dear, thank you for the mail.

1. It can support up to 128G by Spec. However,
2. Above 32G, it needs to be formatted by our Amaryllo app by JFS
which is not readable directly by PC/NB, (UNIX,OK) but it
works good with the camera and timeline of live view.
3. It is always suggested to apply a FAT32 16/32G class 10 Micro
SD for better usability and more friendly.

Thank you