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i'm trying to setup a AR-3 and AR-4 to operate via a NVR, i alradi setup in the APP to RSTP= ON and it still no able to see on the NVR monitor.
am i missing a step ?

2018-03-29 00:54:55****************************************
i tryed bouth AR3 AND AR4 on two diferent NVR's
i tryed with the auto detect wizards and only the AR4 was detected, den i setup manualy and den i got the AR4 working but i coudint get the AR3 to work of ether NVR. the AR3 works fine as a stand alone but i need to use it in a suveillance system what am i doing rong ? do you have any other sugestions ?

2018-03-29 09:58:27****************************************
thanks for your responce
My first try was auto search didint work, but i also tryed doing a Manual setup and that also didint work
do you have a Manual ONVIF seting ?
if not, any idea of when the firmware update will be available

2018-03-30 00:00:47****************************************
AR4 is working fine. AR3 is only working on WiFi.

by Carlos Baxter

Dear Carlos, for wireless models, it does not support Onvif NVR. For AR4, does the NVR come with an APP which can do the auto-search ? Supposedly, the NVR software can go through auto search to find the AR4. Let us know the result later. Thank you

Thank you for good sharing. After checking with the engineer, the AR3S Ethernet does not support Onvif auto-search mode yet. They are planning to implement it in coming new firmware releases. Thank you for kind understanding.

Both are not working or just AR3S ? Confused here.

See. For wifi camera model (AR3, AR2, ATOM ...), it does not support the Onvif NVR connection (auto search) by design. For AR3S, RD is evaluating it. Thank you