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How do I update the wifi network on an Atom AR2? I can’t push the button to enter reader mode because it is connected to the base that screws into the bulb outlet and that covers the buttons. Thank you.

2018-04-05 12:29:07****************************************
Thank you. That problem has been solved. But I’m having trouble accessing the camera remotely. It keeps telling me that it is occupied by another user (admin) when I know there is no one else using it. iCRa0bb8i. Any idea how to fix this?

by Derek

Dear Derek, thank you for the mail.
If the camera is still online and accessible, you may go to Amaryllo app->setting->Wifi AP list->add wifi to do it. (Android version seems not working now (waiting for new version release), please try IOS device to do it). Sorry.
If the camera is not online anymore, the hardware reset and re-installation may be easier for you to perform it. Thank you

Or, you may set the new wifi router SSID and password same as the old one to avoid any change if applicable.

Please turn on the system notification in Amaryllo app Setting. It will let you know if anyone is accessing the camera and camera is online or offline. It should help some.

Also, please turn off the two-way in the Setting because the two way feature will occupy one channel of bandwidth. The camera is designed for 2 viewers for the same time access if the two-way is not on. Thank you