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I have not used my 2 iSensor HD Patio's in some time and I am having set up issues now. When I plug in the Patio, there is a solid blue light on the front and the camera does not recalibrate. Pressing the reset button on the back of the camera also does not do anything (light remains blue and camera does not recalibrate). What steps do I need to complete to set up the camera for use? The Dropbox file solution will not help because there is no SD card slot on the iSensor Patio. Thank you! Ben

2018-04-27 08:05:44****************************************
Thank you for your reply. So if I understand well you suggest the AC may not be the right one for the Patio (even the 2 Patio's. I think it's a strange coincidence the 2 Patio's do not work... I have an iCam Pro also, maybe I use the wrong power adaptor then? Thanks.

2018-04-30 11:44:28****************************************
Hi any updates on my problem. I would like to know if there's hope for my 2 Patio's ...

by Ben

Dear Ben, thank you for contacting.

With different AC to try, for model Patio and iSensor, if the camera does not response to the hardware reset and go to the installation mode (blue led blinking), it may have internal component defective which requires a physical repair service. Sorry.

Dear Ben, as long as the blue led is on, it means the power is ok. As described, if the camera does not response to the hardware reset, the camera has internal component defective. It will need a physical repair for your consideration. Sorry.