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Greetings does not work when there is a viewer active.
I use a tablet as an always on view and the cam stopped saying 'hello'.

Is this a bug? is there away to allow both work at the same time?

Thank you

2018-05-10 03:39:55****************************************
Hi, Thank you for your reply. Hopefully the app will be updated with this feature in the short term as it is quite useful. is it the same also for the latest outdoor camera model?

by Michael

Dear Michael, thank you for the mail and waiting.
After testing and checking, correct, when live viewing, the speaker/greeting function is off by design, not a bug.
We will take this as a voice of customer for the design team to evaluate and study if there is any possibility to change. Thank you.

Thank you. For AR3S, yes, same. For AR4, no speaker built in.