Answer of your leaving message
Hello, I bought 2 services for my camera with this two Receipt number :Receipt: 1525788982 and1525787209
to active 3-day unlimited video alert(10-second video alert) and 3-day unlimited recognition alert but after that only A.I. Alert is active now.

2018-05-11 15:32:46****************************************
yes please move the AI detection to the 10-sec video alert

2018-06-06 15:12:51****************************************
Hello again
unfortunately, from yesterday 8:20 pm Iran time until now, I don't have any notification
i think there is some problem with Iran Ip because when I change the IP address I can see live but with IP from Iran I cant see any thing

2018-06-07 11:59:35****************************************
thank you for responding
I can see a live video but I can't use the timeline and I can't see any notification and also no notification alert received. within these two days.
I asked my friend that has the same camera and he told me that he has the same problem exactly at the same time.

2018-06-08 04:30:38****************************************
For example with iran internet i can't see any thing but my friend from dubai can see timeline and notification from 4 days ago in my camera . But my friend also told me there aren't any new notification and the last notification is for 5 days ago

by Ali Jalali

Dear Ali, thank you for kind mail and waiting.

After checking, sorry to inform you that the smart plan can be selected only 1 feature. That is, the 10-sec video OR AI detection alert. Please no need to keep subscribing to try to have them both.

1. The smart plan, soon will have a new update/package to keep it
simpler. Coming soon
2. For current situation, may we suggest you select 1 feature, such as
10-sec video. And we move the other paid subscription to this feature
duration. If you have subscribed and paid for 2 month 10-sec, also
you have subscribed and paid for 1 month AI detection alert. May we
move the AI detection to the 10-sec video alert as 2+1 months ?

Suggest we do this way and wait for the new package/plan coming soon. How do you think ? Thank you and sorry for confusion/trouble caused.

We have moved the AI detection to the 10-sec video alert.

Thank you for the mail. Please explain more and we will look into it. Thank you

1. Timeline is the video history playback recorded and saved in the internal 8G memory, not the cloud. It should be there, without any 'notification' bar shown. Correct ?
2. For these two days, we received some field inputs that the notification function is abnormal (missing or delay). We have the R&D to look into it now. Could you explain more for what 'Iran IP' and 'Change IP' means ? Thank you

Please kindly send the :

1. 'Alert detection',
2. 'Business mode', and
3. AI recognition
4. Notification folder 1 page

screenshots to for further checking. Thank you.