Answer of your leaving message
I have no reliable email address support for amaryllo. everything bounces back. IcamPro fhd stopped recording January 2017 when free subscription expired. i need to do the limited time free option and save to hard drive. , but nothing at all records. I remove the sd chip to view and nothing at all recorded. Advise. I "added camera" and QR code will not register. message "already registered". How to get this working again? Only then will I consider the outdoor version Amaryllo.

by tim

Dear Tim, thank you for the mail.

Please perform the hardware reset and reinstallation again.
Once it is installed :
1. Use this tool the format and check SD if healthy still.
2. Turn on the recording in Amaryllo app. After 30 minuts, check the
Timeline on the live view screen to see if there is recording history
in the SD.
3. Input a clean Gmail account in Amaryllo app, select upload mehtod.
After 1 hour, please check 'Service' in the sliding toolbar of
Amaryllo app to see if files is uploaded to the cloud drive

Thank you. If any screenshots needs to be shared, please send it to