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I need to disable privacy mode when I leave the home and/or arm my home alarm and enable when I return back/disable alarm system. Do you support IFTTT?

2018-06-07 03:13:42****************************************
is there at least an API so that I can integrate it with my RTI home automation system? I've been waiting for the API to be released so I can link these cameras with my security system or GPS on my android phone. I want to turn privacy on/off when the security system is disarmed/armed or If I'm within a certain distance of my home. This seems like a pretty straight forward ask and see that its been asked numerous times. Why cant your developers handle this request? Honestly, if your plan is to let the software ecosystem stagnate without any sort of innovation, let folks know that development is closed so we can sell these cameras on ebay and buy something more flexible.

by patrick beauchemin

Dear Patrick, thank you for the mail. Sorry, IFTTT is not supported. Currently, the privacy and privacy schedule are the features we have to apply. Thank you

Dear Patrick, valuable points are well taken. thank you again. We will bring this VOC to have a cross-function discussion and evaluation for sure. If we have changed the policy, the API in the app would be enabled with a clear notice. Thank you.