Answer of your leaving message
I have the follow pre-purchase questions pertaining to the iCamPro, Atom and AR3S models. I choose the Installation category because there was no applicable one to choose.
1) What is difference between iCamPro and Atom?
2) What does "Google Services Connection" refer to? Is it for Google Assistant integration?
3) Is the Free Google Drive support for all models?
4) Do you plan on adding support for either IFTTT, ST or Alexa in near future?
5) The specs for the AR3s state that the "Auto Motion Detection" is only for the AR3S Plus. However, I can't find info on the Plus model anywhere.
6) Where can I see and purchase the AR3S Mount/bracket?

by Ken

Dear Ken,
Thank you for kind interests and inquiry.
Our sales will contact you quickly for the Q&A.