Answer of your leaving message
Hi the camera lost connection with WiFi. I tried every method possible for reconnecting but it will not work. The second AR3 is working perfectly fine. All other devices connected to router are working fine. I believe their is an issue with the WiFi in the camera itself. Can you please help me with this or replace the camera?
Thank you
Matthew Hall

2018-05-28 12:10:19****************************************
Thank you.
Is their a hidden hardware reset button? The only thing I can find is the two arrow button promptly displayed on the back of the unit opposite the WiFi button. Thank you

2018-05-28 15:33:24****************************************
And I am not sure if their is an active warranty I believe I received them in July 2017

by Matthew Hall

Dear Matthew, thank you for contacting. We will send you another mail to start the RMA procedure. Thank you

Dear Matthew, we are checking it now.

1. Please check it the camera is privacy ON. If ON, all power and
connection will be off. Just in case.
2. Yes, the hardware reset button is the two arrow button. Please kindly
reset and install it again to try first. (to final check if the issue
is related to software/firmware)

Thank you

Though it just passes the warranty duration for few days. If it is truly defective without any misuse/mishandling found, we will cover the repair and one-way back logistic for you. Stand-by for your testing result. Thank you.