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I have the silver plan with the cloud. Every time I try to download a video from the cloud I get a progress bar that slowly goes across the screen, then when it finishes the app crashes and the video has not downloaded. I have tried this numerous times on two different phones with updated software. Any ideas? If I can’t download the cloud is pretty useless.

2018-05-30 02:40:30****************************************
I deleted and reinstalled the app and now cannot access my camera. It appears to have been deleted from all my devices though the camera seems to be working as it tracks my movements and says "hello" like I programmed it to. How do I get the newly installed app to see the camera again?

2018-06-07 00:57:22****************************************
I deleted and reinstalled the app and reset and reconnected the camera. The app still quits when the download is finished and the video is not downloaded. Any more ideas?

2018-06-09 12:51:31****************************************
iPhone 7. App quits every time.

2018-06-09 14:34:54****************************************
I have allowed Amaryllo app to access my google drive, but the captured video does not show up on my drive. Do I have to turn this on separately from the Amaryllo cloud somehow?

2018-06-11 10:38:10****************************************
Found it, thanks!!

by David Carbone

Dear David, thank you for the mail.

After testing, IOS runs quite slow to download (under 4G 22M D/L speed). Android speed is OK. Anyhow, downloading is successful in the end without the crashes. ( 3 files tested ) The slow speed problem has been reported to development team.

For current situation :
1. For IOS app crash, not normal. Must re-download and reset/reinstall
camera. ( in order to isolate if the issue is caused by software/OS )
2. Android is an option if not too bother
3. Download the Google drive app. And log-in the gmail input in the
Amaryllo app. And view and download the video clips in 'shared with
me' folder (Amaryllo cloud share the video index to this folder) to
see if better.

Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience.

Dear David, when we either remove the app or hardware reset the camera, a camera re-installation is needed to reconnect the app and camera.
For this case, please kindly follow the steps the video shows in last reply to reset the camera for installing it again. Then, we will know if the cloud download crash is caused by software reasons.

In the future, you can back up the admin QR code screenshot in case we need to remove app and install it again by reading the back up QR code directly. (Admin QR sharing method)

Dear David, we are studying how to improve the slowness now.
Also, may we know which iPhone or iPad faces this problem ?
Our SE is ok, but I6P does seen few times the same symptom.
We will look into it at once.

Please consider the Google drive app mentioned as a work-around solution for
now. And let us know if it runs smooth and good later.

Thank you

The Amaryllo cloud is in the 'Shared with me' (not my disk) folder if by Google drive app or web-log-in. Please kindly check it again.