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There seem to be an issue when accessing the camera from 3G from the UAE. The camera connects but all i get is a black screen. Can you please advise if there is an issue with the Etisalat mobile network blocking the feed

2018-06-05 08:47:23****************************************
Hi Sonny, thank you for the quick response. Please find below required feedback
1. There is no issue when connecting through Wifi.
2. Even on 4G I am getting a black screen. I have tried this on another camera ICRaOcy6f with same result. We also have clients reporting same issue ( we are an official reseller for Amaryllo in the UAE (HomeIQ) )
3. The cameras seemed to work fine until about 2 months ago when we started getting same feedback from customers
4. I am only able to test on Etisalat network for now
5. Only have iOS at the moment. I suspect though that Etisalat has blocked the feed as they might have mistaken it for VoIP which is banned in the UAE. That said, both Ring and Nest cameras work with no issues
Appreciate your help in resolving by perhaps reaching out to Etisalat as they will only take action if the brand principals approach them directly

2018-06-10 10:13:18****************************************
Hi Sonny, it seems the issue is related to Du network rather than Etisalat. I have plug in camera to an Etisalat Wifi and the feed is visible on both 3G and Wifi. Could you possibly communicate with Du again as you did in the past and ask them to allow feed access through their network. Appreciate your help

by Omar Saudi

Dear Omar, thank you for the mail. It is possible.

1. WiFi access is ok ?
2. 4G connection is always black screen, 100% ?
3. When does this happen? from day 1 or suddenly ?
4. For another mobile network, works good ?
5. For both IOS and Android device, same result ?

Thank you

Dear Omar, thank you for detailed feedback. Sorry we do not have access to Etisalat to communicate. About 7 months ago, there is one user saying the similar problem and he said he keep asking Etisalat strongly to enable some feature/service, then it is fixed. Sorry we do not know the details. Would you please check the operator first ? We may not have the clue here what has been changed locally.