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Hi- My iCamPro FHD just suddenly stop working after a reset. There is no power whatsoever. I have tried different outlets and also swap the power cables with my other iCamPro FHD and still nothing comes up. Is my camera dead or is there a fix for this? It cant be that fragile, can it? Please help! thanks you!

2018-06-06 04:12:05****************************************
Hi- thanks for the quick response! I have no blue light or any light coming on with the camera. Is this something I need to send back to Amaryllo to fix? Please guide me to what I need to do. I love this camera recently had some people come over my home and they found the camera very fascinating. Hopefully they will look into buying one too! Look forward to hearing back.. thanks!

by Ed Kok

Dear Ed, thank you for the mail.
If the privacy setting is off, but the blue led is not on, the camera is no power. You have exchanged the cable and AC to cross-check it, so accessory is not the reason. Only two reasons left, 1. USB connector is off/no touch 2. Internal component is defective. Both are hardware issue requiring a physical repair. If the blue led is still on, but no response to the hardware reset or whatsoever, there is still a chance to try the 'firmware rewriting by SD' method. Thank you for kind understanding.

Dear Ed, thank you. It is out of warranty status. If you are interested in a payable repair service, kindly let us know. We will start the procedure with you immediately. Repairing service is in Taiwan. FYI.