Answer of your leaving message
I cannot view my camera using Live View on my PC Firefox browser anymore. I tried enabling WebRTC and it was able to CONNECT to the camera but it is stubbornly refusing to show a live picture even when I close any Android devices (which work fine with the camera BTW). It could be a Windows 10 issue perhaps as when I use my old Windows XP notebook computer the picture pops up just fine. Any suggestions??

by Trevor Pearson

Dear Trevor, thank you for the mail.
We have tested Firefox and Chrome on the WIN10 64 for live view, they works. It means server side is running good. It is very hard to trouble shoot the computer environment and local network making what we could do is quite limited here for the duplication. Sounds like you have made the cross check there already by a WIN XP. If you need us to try it here, welcome to share the log-in information to .... after testing, you may simply delete it in the app setting -> viewer list, and apply a new one. Then, all previous sharing and authorization becomes invalid totally. Thank you