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I bought this unit via Indiegogo and unfortunately my cube was dropped and it doesn't rotate anymore. I suspect the gears were damaged. Is it repairable? Thanks.


2018-06-21 11:41:53****************************************
Oh dear. That is far. How much approximately is the shippjng from Canada?

by Vicky Minich

Dear Vicky, thank you for kind inquiry. It is repairable. The repair site is in Taiwan. If you like us to start the process with you, please let us know. Thank you. For cost estimation, it is not easy until the engineer examines it physically and thoughtfully.

Dear Vicky, we do not know. You may check the post office (cheapest and safe) to evaluate. It might not be justified. Then, you may consider to use it as it is or self-disassemble it later to see what damage it is. ( if any component damaged or just loosed )