Answer of your leaving message
Everything was working great until I upgraded my phone. Since then, I'm tried many times to install the camera on the new phone. I've done the hard reset a few times. The blue light comes on and flashes. I hold the QR code up and hear a beep then the green light starts flashing and the blue continues to flash. After a bit of time, there are 3 beeps. The green light goes out and the blue one starts flashing again. I receive no messages in print or by voice. Everything goes as expected until the 3 beeps and the green light going off. How can I fix this?

2018-07-05 00:13:02****************************************
I am sure it's set to 2.4G but I have not tried restarting the router. I will try that as soon as I get home from my business trip. I will say that I was able to install a camera from a different company without any real issues and without resetting the router. But it's worth a shot. Thanks.

by John R Wilkins

Dear John, sorry for the late reply. Since the camera responses to the reset key with a beep. The camera is alive. Please reboot the router to try the camera installation. The procedure with 3 beeps means no success connection to the router. Also, please kindly check if the phone wifi is 2.4G. Thank you.