Answer of your leaving message
I recently purchased the AR3S and it would appear that the rear motion sensors are malfunctioning. Possibly also the front-facing one as well, but no good way to test that from what I can see. When I have "motion tracking" enabled, "front motion sensor" and "back motion sensors" enabled, the camera does not react to anything off to the sides. I am on the latest v4.3.6 firmware, and it did not work out of the box on older firmware either. Please advise. Thank you so much. :)

by Steven Scott

Dear Steven, thank you for the mail.
Suggest to test sensor, one by one. And also try to see:
1. Front sensor (detection) always take priority than rear sensor. The front sensor alone could detect above 8~10 m. Please kindly check it first.
2. Back sensor, it carries an angle like 45 degree down as designed if the camera is installed on the ceiling. And, the distance is not far as the

front sensor. Therefore, it is usually suggested to install the camera at the corner of a space to have a good sensitivity, not the center. If you have some pictures or videos to share, welcome to send to . We will see and check if it acts normally. Thank you