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Hi, I have a unit that I bought whilst in USA. I am now living in The Netherlands.
Is it possible to change the pendant (light mount) for a desktop or EU light mount?
I guess the unit i have has a US voltage base?
Many thanks, Huw

2018-06-29 08:33:33****************************************
No, this is not what I am after.
1. Is the unit shipped to me capable of working with 220/240 voltage? I guess mine is the AR1 version, as it does not feature the LED light base.
2. Is it possible to buy an alternate base for the unit I already own, so it runs as a desk mounted camera? That is, remove the light fixture entirely?

2018-06-29 09:52:45****************************************
Thanks, I have worked out how to detach system now :-)
Who can I contact about cancelling cloud subscription?
I can no longer login my associated GMAIL account, but can provide card details the account is being charged to.
I have had to totally reset the camera, so my subscription is now pointless
Thanks, Huw

by Huw Thomas

Dear Huw, thank you for the mail.

Is this what you are looking for ?

Thank you


1. YES. Same Spec with AR2. Can support 220/240 V.
2. The camera can work alone with a 5V2A AC + USB cable if you know how to
disassemble it. The light fixture is not necessary for the camera to run.
It's only function is to supply power to the camera.

Thank you

Welcome. Please provide the camera AMID (iCR~~~~) for the cloud service cancellation. Thank you.