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Hi guys, trying to record on NAS. FOllowed your video (btw very old), followed also suggestions by other users: like shared folder name only lowercase; no special characters in password. Nothing works, the device still shows me unmount. I have Windows Network, with user i can access the shared folder. The same approach i tried also with AR3s there i have same result: unmount will not change to mount. Please help, appreciated. Thanks

2018-07-09 07:01:54****************************************
Hi guys, i could mounted...honestly forgot to insert the whole path. In my first attempts i put in only the last part of the path. Sorry and thanks at the same time. Marco

by Marco

Dear Marco, thank you for the mail.

Due to the camera NAS setting is quite straight forward, it is always difficult to know the user's local case over there. Not much we could guess here.
Normally, when the camera could not follow the directory path defined to find the folder, this happens. You are correct, it is normally because of // or \\ path, special character not readable and folder name.

No problem. Happy for you to find the reason. Thank you