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Hi Team,

Recently I can not receive any motion detection alerts. would you please check it out for me.

2018-07-09 11:34:26****************************************
I have enabled the motion detection for few times, but I did not receive any alerts at all when my kids back to home .
It happened on last couple months

by Steven

Dear Steven, thank you for the mail.

1. Is it no alerts in the Notification folder or
no pop up message on the phone ?
2. Does the audio alert work normally ?
3. Is it 0 received or fewer and fewer ?

Thank you

Dear Steven, thank you for the mail. For now, please kindly reset and reinstall the camera again to monitor for 1~2 weeks to see if it is improved. Thank you.


Face recognition on/Only send motion alerts with faces. Either turn off the face recognition or set a activity/block-out zone. All alerts will be sent. Thank you.