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My ATOM2 has been working since I bought it earlier this year. Suddenly the device goes offline. I can see a blue light inside that pretty much stays lit, although when I wiggle the power cord it goes out and then come back on various times. I cannot get the camera back online. Please advise. Thank you.

2018-07-16 20:37:41****************************************
Auto tracking is normally on. I have never removed the SD card. The camera is mounted high ion the wall and never accessed. I was finally able to borrow a very short black cable with the correct connection and the camera seems to work with the borrowed cable. Would you please send me a replacement white cable in the long length? Thank you.

by Joleen Woods

Dear Joleen, thank you for the mail and good observation. It may be the cause for the offline symptom.
Would you please unplug the USB cable and plug in another set of AC and USB cable (ex. mobile's) to monitor for 24 or 48 hours to see if the connection is table and healthy. Thank you. BTW, Is the auto-tracking is always on for the camera normally ?

Also, another question if often to plug and unplug the USB to get the SD card ?

Dear Joleen, please sends few pictures for 'short black cable' and 'white cable' to for better understanding. Thank you