Answer of your leaving message
I am on Android phone. Are video alerts sent in real time? I can only know about events if I have the amaryllo app OPEN and checking the Notifications tab and see a numbered indicator. If the amaryllo app is not currently running, i do not get any popup notifications from amaryllo. What needs to be done? Or is the alerts only available with a amaryllo cloud service and not the google cloud service.

by ruelle ridad

Dear Ruelle, Thank you for the mail. Alerts should be sent in less than 1 minute. Yes, we need to keep the amaryllo on/open in the background to receive the phone notification. No, this is not related to cloud services.

May we know if you are running an Android 8.0 or 8.1 phone ? ... It seems we may loss some phone notification (sound, vib or pop up message) when the alert/notification in fact, is in the app folder already. But phone does not make a sound, vib or pop up message to remind. We are studying it now. Thank you