Answer of your leaving message
We have purchased new ATOM Camera. There is few things to check and could you give us a update for below issues
1) Camera it is not rotating
2) notification saved location
3) Limitation for face recognize (I slow there is only 10 people)

2018-07-16 08:25:58****************************************
Hi ,
Is there any possibility to access remote server and get the notification because difficulty to access phone every time and check the notification and also I would like know how do I add the more then 10 people for face recognize.

by Jagath Kumarasiri

Dear Jagath, thank you for the mail. The AMID belongs to AR1, not ATOM.

1. The AR1 has no rotation function.
2. Notification is saved in a remote server. Users can view the 3 day
notifications by the 'Notficaiton' icon on the sliding toolbar of homepage
of Amaryllo app.
3. Yes, default is 4. If an Amaryllo cloud/service is subscribed, it is 10.

Thank you

Dear Jagath,

1. No possible ways to access the remote notification server. Sorry.
2. Now is 10 as the limitation. If company has any new programs/plans, it will
be published on the company web. Thank you for kind understanding.

Thank you