Answer of your leaving message
Dear Ladies and gents,
your camera is messing my network up by applying for a new ip-address every time it is restarted. To make things even worse it seems to change its MAC-address every time, wich is probably the reason my Fritzbox "thinks" it is a new device. Besides using all ip-addresses it makes using the RTSP interface with my Synology Surveillance Station a mere nightmare.
I would be grateful for any hint to overcome this mess. Your help is very much appreciated.
Sven Hansen

2018-08-07 11:43:06****************************************
Ladies, Gents,

I did provide the information requested by return e-mail. Would you be so kind and let me have the status of my request?

Best regards

Sven Hansen

by Sven Hansen

Dear Sven, thank you for the mail.

1. Please kindly share some screenshots to ( show us the
MAC changing. The camera does not require a fixed IP to work by design. ( got
a firewall there ? )
2. For Synology NAS, have you successfully connected to this NAS ? Does the NAS
require Onvif to make the connection ?

Thank you