Answer of your leaving message
Buenos días , quería saber si puedo conectar más de un teléfono a la cámara para ver las imágenes, gracias

by Jose Alberto

Dear señor. Jose Alberto, thank you for the mail.

To have the administration right (full access right same as the owner) on the 2nd and up mobile devices,
1.1 On the installed phone (1st), go to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Admin QR
code, standby
1.2 Let the new mobile devices (2nd, 3rd ..... etc), download the Amaryllo
app -> Amaryllo app -> on 1st page right bottom
-> "Retrieve access from installed device" -> into the camera preview
like screen, standby
1.3 Let 1.2 screen to read 1.1 QR -> Done in 1 second ( face to face )
( or, send the QR to another mobile to save in album. And, read this QR
through same screen of ‘Retrieve access from installed device’
on another mobile (1.2) -> preview like screen -> select album ( remotely

If you just like the 2nd or other mobile devices can do “live view only” - nothing else, no alerts, no right to access setting,
1.1 change to Amaryllo app -> Setting -> Viewer list -> Add -> app -> QR code
1.2 and 1.3 remain the same procedures

Thank you